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'Vice President and Treasurer Positions Filled '

December 11, 2018

The Brandeis Hoot 

"Aaron Finkel ’20 will serve as the new Vice President of the Student Union with President Hannah Brown ’19 while Adrian Ashley ’20 will serve as the new Treasurer next semester. Finkel beat out six other competitors for the position—Guillermo Caballero ’20, Alex Chang ’22, Vidit Dhawan ’19, Richard Kisack, Jr. ’19, Steven Luo ’21 and Nakul Srinivas ’2"... continued below 

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'Student Union fall elections garner impressive voter turnout'

September 14, 2018

The Brandeis Hoot 

"The Student Union held their fall elections yesterday, giving students 24 hours—from 12 a.m. on Wednesday to 12 a.m. on Thursday—to vote. The ballots were sent out by email for students to vote electronically, but students could also vote (earning a treat as an incentive) at new voting booths in the SCC and Upper Usdan. The voting booths were one of two initiatives introduced by the Union to increase voter turnout," ...continued below

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'Hannah Brown ’19 takes reins as Student Union President'

September 10, 2018


"She hadn’t set foot on Brandeis’ campus until the eve of her first day of orientation, and she now leads her peers as Student Union President.

Hannah Brown ’19 didn’t leave her hometown of Longview, Texas for a tour of Brandeis, but she realized she made the right choice within minutes of her arrival as a student. The International and Global Studies (IGS) and Economics double-major, who fell in love with her community right away, takes great pride in now helping to lead it."... continued below


'The Hoot’s hopes for the year'

September 7, 2018

The Brandeis Hoot

"The editorial board of The Brandeis Hoot is looking forward to the upcoming year and keeping our expectations high for continuous positive change on campus.

We are eager to see what the Student Union accomplishes this year. President Hannah Brown ’19 and Vice President Benedikt Reynolds ’19 ran with the platform of addressing Brandeis’ affordability, such as decreasing laundry and printing costs, and instituting stipends for Brandeis Emergency Medical Corps (BEMCo) or Student Sexuality Information Services (SSIS)".... continued below 

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'Amendments alter Union Constitution'

May 15, 2018

The Justice


"The Student Union’s Constitutional Review Task Force proposed 19 amendments on April 23, each accompanied by the Union Constitution’s original text and a justification for the change. Four amendments failed and 15 succeeded. 

Every four years, a Constitutional Review Task Force composed of students, alumni and Student Union members gathered to review the Constitution. The spring 2018 task force released its proposed amendments on April 23."... continued below

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