The Senate members serve on different committees to advocate for the student body and communicate with the administration.

Below are the Senate Committees and their descriptions. 


The Brandeis Student Union Social Justice and Diversity Committee is here to serve you! We are a committee consisting of Brandeis senators as well as two non-senate chairs. As advocates for social justice and diversity, we aim to better the Brandeis community by educating and fighting for social justice. We also believe that diversity is very important to have on campus, therefore, we seek to embrace and urge administrators to build upon the existing diversity.

Committee Members:

Jasmyne Jean-Remy


The Facilities, Housing, and Transportation Committee is a bridge between the students and the Departments of Facilities Services, Community Living, and Public Safety to ensure that students can voice their concerns regarding any facilities, housing, or transportation issues and come up with new ways to enhance their experience.

​​Plans this semester: Address BranVan accountability, continue working with DCL to provide the best accommodations for students as possible.

Committee Members:

Ben Topol (co-chair)

Griffin Stotland (co-chair)

James Feng

Selah Bickel

Nancy Zhai

Joseph Coles

Meeting time and zoom links: Sunday @ noon


We're a Student Union community fighting for our planet's health. We work with administration, faculty, staff, and student groups on sustainable initiatives, making a dent in our campus' carbon footprint.


Committee Members:

 -Jesse Zucker:

Meeting time: Fridays at 2:30 pm and link 


The Rules Committee is working to clarify and streamline the operations of the Student Union.


The Senate Dining Committee represents the interests of the Brandeis student body in all dining-related affairs. This includes but is not limited to food and service quality, dining location hours, food offerings, meal plans, and dietary needs. The group is also an important forum for exchanging ideas, experiences, and knowledge about dining-related needs between students, faculty, and staff.

​​Plans this semester:

  • Improve vegan, vegetarian, and allergen-free dining options

  • Improve sustainability in the dining halls

Committee Members:

Vivian Mou:

Leora Karoll:

Jesse Zucker:

Ashna Kelkar (chair):

Meeting times and zoom links:


The Club Support Committee is the Senate's committee that focuses on facilitating both the club recognition and chartering accreditation process as well as providing support to existing clubs. This year the committee is working to improve club organization around campus and to help connect clubs to the many resources in the Brandeis community.

Committee Members:

Jasmyne Jean-Remy:

Aliza Schneider: 

Scarlett Ren:

Charlotte Li:


The Health and Safety Committee is the branch of both the Senate and the Student Union that is dedicated to maintaining and improving Brandeis students' mental and physical health, along with ensuring their safety on campus.

​​Plans this semester: HWL project, lights next to dumpsters.

Committee Members:

Aliza Schneider: 

Audrey Sequeira :


Services and Outreach works hard to ensure the extracurricular experience at Brandeis is both vibrant and inclusive. The committee is in charge of planning and promoting convenient services and events (e.g. transportation during school holidays, faculty-student engagement programs, the bi-annual Midnight Buffet, new student orientation guides, Meet-the-Union events, spirit events, etc.) with the goal of making every student's quality of life better on this campus. We work directly with leaders from the Department of Student Activities, the Dean of Students' office, the Student Union Executive Board, and the senior University Administration to carry out a variety of innovative proposals meant to boost student engagement and promote a healthy, spirited, and welcoming atmosphere here at Brandeis.

Committee Members:

Charlotte Li: 

Scarlett Ren:

Audrey Sequeira: