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CEEF (Community Emergency and Enhancement Fund) serves two purposes. First, it serves as a source of emergency funding for student life on campus. Secondly, CEEF provides funding for student-led initiatives that enhance the Brandeis community. These initiatives must have a campus-wide benefit and long-term impact on our campus and our community. CEEF has four board members representing different branches of your Student Union.


Requirements for fund usage:

  1. The enhancement has to have campus-wide benefit

  2. The enhancement must be long term effect on the campus and/or the student body

  3. The project should be connected to a staff or faculty member

  4. The submission must include the online application and excel sheet explaining the financial details of your request.

  5. The project proposal must be submitted on time by September 15th, 2019

  6. As part of the process, students might be invited to present their proposals to the CEEF board

  7. A couple of weeks after submission, CEEF will contact accepted proposals

  8. Students' wages will not be considered as a CEEF proposal

  9. Projects should be implemented during Spring 2020 semester (during a period of 14 weeks)



Application opens March 15th 

Application closes September 15th 



CEEF Links:

2019-2020 CEEF Application

Student CEEF Guide

April 2019 Information Session Powerpoint


Projects for 2018-2019:

1) The Branda App:  

Branda is a mobile app designed and managed by a team of students- the Branda Team. The app will make many of the on-campus resources easier to use and access. This includes the Branvan, Laundry, Work Orders, and other crucial resources to all students on campus. To download for Apple users press here.

For Android users and more information about the app: http://www.branda.app

Approximated amount: $21,000
If you have any questions about this project, please email Tal, talrichtman@brandeis.edu

2) SCC Graphic Display:
Aaron Finkel’s (20’) project includes the installation of an easy-to-access television in the SCC. This television will be used to market on-campus events that are run through clubs, the Student Union, and the Department of Student Activities. This will be a fantastic way to broadcast your event to the entire student body and will be a great resource for all students to learn about and participate in events on campus.

Approximated amount: $3,800

If you have any questions about this project, please email David, davidhui@brandeis.edu.

3) Library Treadmill Project:

After the success of the CEEF funded bike-desk project in the library, a treadmill project, suggested by Christof Rindlisbacher (19’) will also be implemented in Farber. These treadmills are quiet and only have a walk function. They have been shown to improve studying in many other college students and we are excited to partner with the library to continue to enhance the student experience on this campus.

Approximated amount: $10,000

If you have any questions about this project, please email Adrian, ajashley@brandeis.edu.

4) Berlin Chapel Revitalization Project:

Alex Friedman’s (19’) project will be for the refurbishment and renovation of the Berlin Chapel, a space that is enjoyed by many groups on campus. This will include a complete renovation of two of the rooms in the chapel: the Rabbi Study and the Cohen Study. These renovated spaces will include board games, whiteboards for studying, and comfortable seating.

Approximated amount: $18,000

If you have any questions about this project, please email Mike, bender@brandeis.edu.


**Elections for the CEEF board representatives for 2019-2020 will take place during Spring 2019.

For any more questions please email: ceefapplications@gmail.com

Michael Scott Bender
Brandeis Representative to CEEF
Adrian Ashley
Student Union Treasurer 
Tal Richtman
Brandeis Representative to CEEF
David Hui
Class of 2022 Senator
Emma Russell
Student Union Cheif of Staff
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